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Quality Software

We believe attention to detail is the key to making conceptual ideas a reality. While designing software from the ground up, we adhere to this belief and implement it throughout every phase of the build process.

Forward Thinking

Technology moves at a fast pace, so to stay ahead of the power curve it is important to always think years in advance. We eagerly anticipate the changes in the technology industry and meticulously plan for our products to adapt with it.

Creative Solutions

There’s always more than one way to accomplish a task. Implementing creative solutions to solve modern problems not only makes us more efficient, but gives us a competitive edge.

Who We Are

About BeyondTheBit

BeyondTheBit was created to be an innovative think tank of great ideas with great people. No matter the industry, there’s always room for new ideas and a better way to accomplish tasks. This is where we excel as a company. Devising solutions that utilize our experience in technology and unique work flow we are able to create products and deliver them to the market place at a competitive rate.

PlanShare App Android

PlanShare construction app debuts on Android

I am pleased to announce that after a week of long nights and caffeine consumption that I have successfully converted the PlanShare App to be compatible with Android devices. It is now live on the Google Play Store as an open beta for everyone to try.

We are now conducting real world testing of the interoperability of construction plans transferred between iOS and Android devices.

One of the most promising features is the PlanShare Cloud’s ability to use Push Notification technology to keep everyone in sync with changes to the projects that they are participating in no matter what device they are using.

Get it on Google Play
PlanShare iPad

PlanShare is released for open beta review on iPad

PlanShare construction collaboration software developed by BeyondTheBit Technologies was released for open beta testing for iPad users. PlanShare provides professionals in the Construction field a cost effective solution to share their plans, drawings, and files from multiple projects seamlessly with all of their contacts and team members.

PlanShare allow user to easily sync their project files between multiple devices and get notified when changes have been made to them.

It increases productivity by enabling instant collaboration between people in the field and at the office. All content is stored automatically in the PlanShare Cloud and can be downloaded to mobile devices for offline editing and viewing.

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